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concierge-style service

At Best Smiles you can revel in our concierge-style service from the moment you contact our office. We want your visits to be delightful, so we’ve gone above and beyond just offering the “normal” dental services.

Patient-Centered Services for your Comfort

Dr. Best has kept her boutique dental practice to a manageable size so she can spend extra time getting to know her patients as individuals. This one-on-one time allows Dr. Best and her expert team to establish a genuine personal connection with you (the patient). When you feel confident and relaxed, you can enjoy and have fun during your dental appointments. That’s the best approach for everyone.

Lasting Friendships and Gorgeous Smiles

We create lasting friendships and gorgeous smiles. We only provide the dental care we’d be happy to receive ourselves. We invite you to review our list of services.

Spa-Like Comforts at a West Hartford Dentist

When you visit us, we cater to your needs and offer a number of spa-like comforts:

  • Zen-like atmosphere
  • Massage therapy music
  • Aromatherapy
  • Contoured, soft leather dental chairs that provide gentle back massages
  • Warm blankets
  • Pillows
  • Neck rolls
  • Soothing Lip Balm
  • Hot Towels
 Best Smiles seating area demonstrates its commitment to patient-centered services
Best Smiles has spa-like accomodations

We Share Smiles Too!

Not only do we fix and maintain smiles, but we share our smiles too! To learn more about our personalized patient-centered services click on the “Your Dental Care, Comfort, and Convenience” link.