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Comfort Menu

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

You are invited to choose from our menu of amenities.


Royal Nuaat Thai

Our specially designed soft leather dental chair gently massages and caresses your lower back.

Bali Hai Blanket

Wrap yourself in our cozy warm hand-made quilted blanket, created especially for your comfort. The Teddy Bear is optional!

Barong Noise Canceling Headphones

This is great for escaping sounds you don’t want to hear. Listen to your music or simply chill out.

Spicy Neck Roll

For deluxe neck support, indulge in a warm, cold, or room temperature therapeutic neck pillow with either a lavender, eucalyptus, or non-scented therapeutic option.

Siam Shades (especially for children)

Bright over-head dental lights are necessary for us, but can be too much for tender eyes. We offer a selection of kid-appeal sunglasses for our younger patients, and for those who are young at heart.


Yen Lip Balm

Lips have no oil glands, unlike your skin. They easily become dry,chapped, and can crack. Moisturize your smackers with our soothing SPF 30 lip balm for their protection and you comfort.

Thai Tooth Pillow

Rest your jaw comfortably and eliminate the fatigue associated with holding your mouth open during treatments by gently resting your teeth on a soft rubber bite block.

Wat Sen Desensitizing Paste

Patients with dentin hypersensitivity have found this desensitizing paste helpful before and after their dental cleanings. It contains calcium carbonate and arginine, an amino acid naturally found in saliva. The paste rapidly plugs and seal dental tubules, and can provide sensitivity relief for up to four weeks.

Balinese Slumber Mask

Our swanky eye masks are filled with a gel that can be your preference of either cool or warm. You can block out light, distractions, and take a little snooze.


Steamed or Chilled Face Towel

Sometimes we all want to relax in the lap of luxury. Top off your appointment with an exhilarating moist face towel and leave feeling rejuvenated.

Enak Sekali Breath Freshener

Invigorate your taste buds with a refreshing burst of flavor. After your dental appointment swish with a mouthwash or try our special oral spray.

Khaawng Dek Len (children’s toys)

Good boys and girls can hardly wait to select a toy from our treasure chest following their dental treatments.