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Intraoral Camera

Would you like to see close up what’s going on in your mouth? Even with lights and mirrors, it can be difficult for Dr. Best to explain symptoms and conditions that exist there.

An intraoral camera allows you to see what Dr. Best sees. So get ready for the show!

Lightweight Camera

An intraoral camera is a lightweight wand-like oversized pen-shaped device that has a camera at the tip. It takes high quality, precise, close-up color photos and videos of your smile.

The Images are Display on a Monitor

While you relax comfortably in the dental chair, the camera is easily hovered over your teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth, zooming in on potential problems. The images are transmitted and displayed on a monitor, so you can instantly see exactly what Dr. Best is talking about. These images can be magnified to fill the entire computer screen. You can certainly learn a lot about your mouth!

Evaluating Oral Health

We use intraoral cameras to better evaluate your oral health, to detect and diagnose dental problems in extreme detail such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and cracked or chipped teeth. Also, because of the flexibility of the camera, we can use it to look at areas that are not easily accessible.

An Educational Experience

This technology provides a wonderful educational experience. It enhances your understanding of your oral conditions and the treatment recommendations we make to improve your oral health. With this knowledge you can make informed decisions about your care.

Saved in Your Electronic Records

Images captured by the intraoral camera are saved in your electronic patient chart to provide a permanent record of your oral health. We refer to the images when we are tracking oral conditions. We can even print or email images, so you can review them at home and look for changes yourself.

When necessary, the images can be electronically shared with specialists, laboratories, and insurance companies to help expedite treatment and benefit reimbursements.

Dental Technology

An Intraoral Camera Facilitates Early Detection

Also, our intraoral camera can show the early stages of potentially serious problems, allowing you the opportunity to take preventable action so the issue does not escalate. This is especially true for periodontal (gum) disease.