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childrens dentistry

From toddlers to teens our goal is make sure your child’s dental experience is fun and positive. When Best Smiles practices childrens dentistry, we take every measure to help protect your child’s teeth so that they remain cavity-free both now and in the future.

Childrens Dentistry from Toddlers to Teens

 Best Smiles Childrens Dentistry

We recommend that children visit their dentist for the first time at age three – or sooner if you notice any problems. We suggest that you bring your child to one of your own dental visits to meet us. This helps your child become acclimated to our office and become comfortable with our facility and staff.

During the Exam

During examinations Dr. Best checks for decay, ensures correct bite alignment, and assesses appropriate dental development. To prevent tooth decay we recommend dental sealants and fluoride supplements as needed. At each continuing care visit we brush on an easy-to-apply fluoride varnish, a proven cavity fighter, to safeguard your children’s teeth. In addition, we spend time teaching your child age-specific good oral hygiene techniques.

Best Smiles Childrens Dentistry