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dental flipper

A dental flipper is an inexpensive way to replace a missing tooth. It is used primarily as a temporary tooth replacement while a dental bridge is being fabricated or while waiting for healing to occur after a dental implant is placed.

Dental Flippers are Customized to Your Mouth

Dental flippers are made of acrylic and look like an orthodontic retainer with a denture tooth attached in the missing tooth space. Sometimes wires with little ball ends are placed to help secure flippers in the mouth. Otherwise, they are secured by the acrylic snapping between the teeth.

To make a flipper, an impression of your mouth is taken, and is poured with stone. The stone model of your mouth is sent to a laboratory with a prescription that includes the shade of the missing tooth. An acrylic denture tooth is selected that most closely matches the shade of your teeth, and a pink plate is molded to fit your palate (on the upper) or to fit just inside the tongue side of your teeth (on the lower).

Use Caution with Dental Flippers

Dental flippers break easily and eating can be difficult with them. They may have to be removed for meals, as some are actually not strong enough for chewing

Dental Flippers are meant to be temporary, but …

While a dental flipper is meant to be temporary, some patients wear them for years. Flippers press somewhat on the gums and so are not very healthy for them long-term. Over time some patients develop allergies to the monomer in the acrylic. Always remove a flipper at night to maintain the health of your oral tissue.