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simple tooth extraction

A dental tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth. Always avoid having a permanent tooth removed. Dr. Best will take initial steps to save and preserve the teeth when practical. However, when appropriate treatments options have been exhausted, an extraction may be inevitable.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted. A very common reason involves a tooth that is too badly damaged, from trauma or decay, to be repaired. Other reasons include:


Teeth that are too big for your mouth will be misaligned. To help prevent and elevate crowding Dr. Best will work with an orthodontist to selectively extract teeth. Also, if a tooth cannot break through the gum (erupt) because there is not room in the mouth for it, Dr. Best will recommend pulling it.

Extensive Cavities

Sometimes decay is so extensive that the tooth is not salvageable. Often this is accompanied by pain.

Swelling and Severe infections

Bacteria in the mouth can enter the pulp chamber, containing the tooth’s nerve, through cracks in the teeth, broken down fillings, and deep cavities, and lead to infection. This can be very painful and require immediate treatment. Often this can be corrected with root canal therapy (RCT) but if the infection is so severe that antibiotics or RCT do not cure it, extraction may be needed to prevent the spread of infection

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If periodontal disease, an infection of the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth, has caused so much bone loss that the teeth are extremely loose and mobile, then extractions may be necessary

Cracked Tooth

If a tooth has cracked completely down the center of the tooth is very painful and it cannot be saved. Extraction is the only option


Sometimes a tooth is so severely damaged from extensive trauma, like from a sporting or car accident, extractions are needed

Medical Considerations

Patients receiving medical radiation to the head and neck may need extractions in the field of radiation. People with compromised immune systems, those undergoing chemotherapy, or plan to have an organ transplant, may need to have highly compromised teeth removed to avoid possible future infections.

In many of these cases, extracting an unsalvageable tooth can prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth, tissue, and bone.

Dental Treatments

Dr. Best performs simple tooth extractions

Dr. Best performs simple extractions on teeth that are visible in the mouth under local anesthetic. Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not erupted fully. In these cases, Dr. Best works with several oral surgeons who are qualified to perform surgical extractions.